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Your walls are full and you are longing to own a Muddy Waterss Artwork! No problem: order yourself a unique and spectacular Muddy Waters Art table! Here below you can view an example, 'Shelter', which is a prototype made by me, using wood painted black and gold. However, since the beginning of 2022, I have beeen working together with a professional carpenter/furniture-maker, building the wooden tables, specially designed and professionally built to house various Muddy Waters Artworks! Due to the design of the table, most of the existing Muddy Waters artworks can be made into a (salon) table. The tables will be made using local wood (often with a story), matched with  an arwork and finished with safety glass to make a spectacular addition to your interior!

For more information about any of the work on this site, shipping possiblities, etc., you can ring me +6-20289738 or email me 

More Muddy Waters Art for salon tables: 60 x 60 cm

Mandy Jones Art in The Art Room
Mirroring nature, for you to keep