Muddy Waters Back Story

The place beyond the puddles ...

My Muddy Waters artwork is based on muddy puddles! Those crumbling, gravely, leaf-filled holes in the path with muddy Dutch rainwater in them – and in Holland they are almost always full! 

Walking with my dog around the countryside in West Betuwe during the rainy months, I began to really notice the reflections of the trees in the muddy puddles on the path. The depth of the reflections gave me the hint of a whole other world down there … a wet underworld, mirroring ours. The connection was made, and as I usually do, to help me understand what it is that attracts me, I took a lot of photographs. Very soon I was playing with materials and experimenting with new technique in my atelier, and found that my work using acrylics, mixed medium and epoxy had brought me closer still to telling the stories I found in the puddles.

This year, I’ve added the Art-to-Wear range to my Muddy Waters Art collection - the unique handmade necklaces and pendants that you will find on show in De Pluk in Geldermalsen and in The Art Room in Buurmalsen.

 Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

If you're visiting West Betuwe, you can see more work from the Muddy Waters series in The Art Room, in Buurmalsen.  Ring me for an appointment for a viewing +6-20289738.

Mandy Jones Art in The Art Room
Mirroring nature, for you to keep