Muddy Waters Art-Wear
Muddy Waters Art-Wear is a collection of multi-layered and vivid pendants and necklaces: hand painted using inks and layers of resin in the Muddy Waters style: inspired by muddy Dutch rainwater puddles: full of leaves and pebbles, reflecting the trees and sky. 

Each piece is an organic and totally unique piece of art-wear, with its own special colours, shape, and natural beauty – just like you!

The Art-Wear pieces are finished with a silver or gold coloured pinch connector (only Droplet is set into a bronze or silver coloured metal base) and with the choice of a thick (4mm) leather cord for the necklaces, or a (3mm) waxed cord for the long pendants, with a matching clasp. 
For more information or to order: click on  the links below and choose a design: Droplet, Leaf, Ripple, Moon, Log. Click on the Order-Now button and email  me for a current product sheet of available pieces. When you have chosen a piece, mail me with your choice (e.g. Droplet 05) together with the cord length: leather cord (45-50 cm) or waxcord (70-80 cm). Payment is possible via PayPal, Tikki, bank transfer etc. You can also contact me for an appointment to come along to The Art Room and view the collection in person.


Droplet: 5 x 5 cm, bronze or silver coloured metal base

Leaf: 6 x 3 cm, silver or gold coloured steel pinch connector 

Ripple: 6 x 6 cm, silver or gold coloured steel pinch connector 

Moon: 6 x 6 cm, silver or gold-plated pinch connector 

Log: 6 x 6 cm, silver or gold coloured pinch connector 

For more information about Muddy Waters Art (-Wear) you can mail me ( or ring (+6-20289738) with your question or to make an appointment to come to The Art Room gallery. 

Mandy Jones Art in The Art Room
Mirroring nature, for you to keep